How yuniql works

Sneek peek. Design principles, ways of working and internals of yuniql.

Get started!

Kick-start your database devops with yuniql. Done in 10 mins max.

PosgtreSql, MySql and Others

A quick-start guide to PostgreSql and other platforms. Install, run, verify.

Migrate via Azure DevOps Pipelines

Run your database migration from Azure DevOps and YAML pipelines.

Migrate via ASP.NET Core App

Run your database migration when your ASP.NET Core app starts up.

Migrate via .NET Core Console App

Run your database migration when Console App starts.

Migrate via Docker Container

Run your database migration thru a Docker container with Yuniql runtime.

Bulk Import CSV Master Data

Initiatlize lookup tables, load-up master data and create test samples during database deployment.

Use Token Replacement

Replace tokens within scripts files. Use as alternative way to achieve environment-aware script execution.

Run Environment-aware Migrations

Apply conditional migrations where different set of migrations is executed in the target environment.

Intstall yuniql CLI

Install yuniql with choco, dotnet global tool, powershell, or direct download.

Baseline Your Database

Prepare your database version v0.00. Learn strategies and tools to baseline your existing database.

Yuniql CLI Command Reference

Rich CLI commands and parameters for running migrations locally and on continuous integration server.

Tips and Tricks

Increase productivity, learn from experience of others, discover work around to known limitations.

Supported Platforms

List of supported platforms. Track build status and latest platform verification test results.

Why yuniql

Pain points that yuniql solves and opportunities it presents to teams.