Driver information

Connection string format, see

User Id=<your-postgresql-user>;Password=<your-postgresql-password>
Supported versions: v5.7, v8.*, and later
Supports transactional DDL No (Per statement)
Supports CSV bulk import Yes
Supports batch statements No, .sql files are executed as single batch
Driver package MySqlConnect.NET, see

Getting started

Install yuniql CLI with Chocolatey or use alternative ways listed here

choco install yuniql

Download samples for MySql. For samples of other platforms, visit

git clone c:\temp\yuniql
cd c:\temp\yuniql\samples\basic-mysql-sample

Prepare your connection string in an environment variable. This sample uses MySql on Docker container. For more connection string samples, visit

docker run -dit --name yuniql-mysql -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=[email protected]! -d -p 3306:3306 mysql:latest --default-authentication-plugin=mysql_native_password

SETX YUNIQL_WORKSPACE "c:\temp\yuniql\samples\basic-mysql-sample"
SETX YUNIQL_CONNECTION_STRING "Server=localhost;Port=3306;Database=helloyuniql;Uid=root;[email protected]!;"

Apply migrations with yuniql run and specify the target platform with --platform. Yuniql discovers the project directory, sorts all versions, creates the target database if it doesn’t exist and runs all migration steps in the right order. These includes .sql files, directories, subdirectories, and csv files.

yuniql run --platform mysql -a --debug
yuniql list --platform mysql

Running yuniql v1.1.55 for windows-x64
Copyright 2019 (C) Rodel E. Dagumampan. Apache License v2.0
Visit for documentation & more samples

WRN   2021-03-03 22:23:54Z   Target platform does not support for full transactional DDL operations. 
All operations will be executed with transaction mode = statement. When transaction mode is set to statement, 
each batch of sql statement does not participate in a shared transaction context. In the event of failure, 
the rollback attempt is limited to the individual batch of statement.

| SchemaVersion | AppliedOnUtc         | Status     | AppliedByUser | AppliedByTool        | Duration      |
| v0.00         | 2021-03-03 22:23:45Z | Successful | [email protected]%        | yuniql-cli v1.1.55.0 | 1248 ms / 1 s |
| v0.01         | 2021-03-03 22:23:46Z | Successful | [email protected]%        | yuniql-cli v1.1.55.0 | 1269 ms / 1 s |
| v0.02         | 2021-03-03 22:23:49Z | Successful | [email protected]%        | yuniql-cli v1.1.55.0 | 1903 ms / 1 s |

Verify results with your preferred MySql Client. A query with yields the following results.


Known Issues and limitations
  • Only supports username and password authentication on connection string. Advanced token-based autnentication have not been tested but could just work, please try and send us feedback.
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