YUNIQL (yuu-nee-kel) is a free and open source schema versioning and database migration engine made natively with .NET Core. Use plain SQL scripts, zero runtime dependencies, bulk import CSV data and integrate CI/CD pipelines.

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NEW! Released v1.1.55 Preview support for Redshift and Snowflake.
Diverse transaction modes per session, per version and per statement. - 27.January.2021.


Raw SQL+

Versions are normal directories. Scripts are series of plain old .sql files. + Bulk import master data and load-up lookup tables from CSV files.


.NET Core Native

Released as self-contained .NET Core 3.0 application. Stand-alone .exe file. No need for .NET CLR or any runtime dependencies to be installed.


Cloud Ready

Platform tested for Azure SQL Database, Amazon RDS and Google Cloud SQL. Plugins for Snowlflake, Aurora and Azure Synapse are lined up for development. ***

DevOps Friendly

Azure Pipelines Tasks available in Azure DevOps Market Place. Docker base images and rich CLI commands for your CI/CD pipelines.


Simple and open interface to support other RDBMS platforms. Released with PostgreSql, MySql, MariaDB platform extensions

Free & Open Source

Absolutely free for personal or commercial use. Released under Apache License version 2.0 and feel free to inspect code in GitHub repository.