Migrate via Azure DevOps Pipelines

Establish continuous delivery pipelines with Azure DevOps and YAML tasks. Download and install extensions from Azure DevOps Marketplace.

Run your database migration from Azure DevOps Pipelines. The tasks downloads package and cache it for later execution just like how Use .NET Core or Use Node tasks works. Find Yuniql on Azure DevOps MarketPlace. Install the DevOps Extension and add the following tasks.

Several sample YAML pipelines are also available here https://github.com/rdagumampan/yuniql-tutorials/tree/master/yuniql-az-pipelines.


  • Verified only with windows and ubuntu agents
  • Requires a yuniql compliant directory structure. To create this structure you may install yuniql-cli, issue yuniql init, commit to a git repository and use the repository as input artifact in the pipelines. You may also copy our existing samples for your target database platform and commit to your own repo.

Azure DevOps Pipelines (YAML)

This sample uses a SqlServer Database project available in GitHub and deploy the database into an Azure SQL Database. See https://github.com/rdagumampan/yuniql/tree/master/samples/basic-sqlserver-sample.

- master

  vmImage: 'windows-latest'

- task: [email protected]
    version: 'latest'

- task: [email protected]
    version: 'latest'
    connectionString: 'Server=tcp:<AZ-SQLSERVER>,1433;Initial Catalog=<AZ-SQLDB>;User ID=<USERID>;Password=<PASSWORD>;Encrypt=True;TrustServerCertificate=False;Connection Timeout=30;'
    workspacePath: '$(Build.SourcesDirectory)\samples\basic-sqlserver-sample'
    targetPlatform: 'SqlServer'
    additionalArguments: '--debug'

This runs database migration with yuniql-cli.

  • version: The version of Yuniql CLI. If omitted, the latest version of yuniql-cli is installed. Visit the releases to get an appropriate version.
  • connectionString: The connection string to your target database server.
  • workspacePath: The location of your version directories to run.
  • targetPlatform: The target database platform. Default is SqlServer.
  • autoCreateDatabase: When true, creates and configure the database in the target server for yuniql migrations.
  • targetVersion: The maximum target database schema version to run to.
  • tokenKeyValuePair: Token key/value pairs for token replacement.
  • additionalArguments: Additional CLI arguments

Azure DevOps Pipelines (Classic)


This download and installs the yuniql-cli.

  • version: The version of Yuniql CLI. If omitted, the latest version of yuniql-cli is installed. Visit the releases to get an appropriate version.

Verify YUNIQL CLI Task

Runs an uncommitted migration run. This performs a dry-run migration to verify if all works good should the versions be decided to be applied. Requires at least one successful run was made in the target database.


Erases the target database objects (tables, procedures, functions, and others) using user defined clean-up scripts placed in _erase directory. Yuniql doesn’t have automated erasure so user have to prepare the scope of erasure.

WARNING: This is helpful in Dev and Test. Be very careful and remove this task when cloning pipelines for Production!

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