Bulk Import CSV Master Data

Initiatlize lookup tables, load-up master data and create test samples during database deployment.

Master data and lookup tables almost comes natural as part of every database provisioning process. To support this, you may prepare a series of CSV files in the version directory. When you call yuniql run, yuniql will discovers the CSV files and bulk load into tables bearing same name as the CSV file. The following example demonstrates how to do this.

Install Yuniql CLI https://yuniql.io/docs/install-yuniql/.

choco install yuniql --version=1.0.1

Initialize local version

yuniql init
yuniql vnext

Create script file setup_tables.sql on v0.01.

	VisitorID INT IDENTITY(1000,1),
	FirstName NVARCHAR(255),
	LastName VARCHAR(255),
	Address NVARCHAR(255),
	Email NVARCHAR(255)

Create a Visitor.csv on version v0.01. If your target table has an schema, you can name the file with schem name such as Registration.Visitor where Registration is a schema.

"1000","Jack","Poole","Manila","[email protected]"
"1001","Diana","Churchill","Makati","[email protected]"
"1002","Rebecca","Lyman","Rizal","[email protected]"
"1003","Sam","Macdonald","Batangas","[email protected]"
"1004","Matt","Paige","Laguna","[email protected]"

NOTE: The file name of the CSV file must match the destination table else an exception is thrown.

Run migration

yuniql run -a -c "<your-connection-string>"

INF   2019-10-22T18:36:08.7621330Z   Executed script file C:\temp\yuniql-nightly\v0.01\setup-tables.sql.
INF   2019-10-22T18:36:08.7638901Z   Found the 1 csv files on C:\temp\yuniql-nightly\v0.01
INF   2019-10-22T18:36:08.7649367Z   Visitor.csv
INF   2019-10-22T18:36:09.0854032Z   Imported csv file C:\temp\yuniql-nightly\v0.01\Visitor.csv.

Verify if all is good

SELECT * FROM [dbo].[Visitor]

A working sample is available here for your reference https://github.com/rdagumampan/yuniql/tree/master/samples/sqlserver-all-features-sample/v0.00

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